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1. Support for images and video2. Advanced tag management3. Retouch/Fix/Enhance/SuperResolution/EnhanceLighting/EnhanceVignette4. Customizable UI5. Organize and browse your image/video6. Support for Photo/Video Albums7. Calendar Photos/VideoSuperCool Photo Album features:1. Support for images and videoYou can use this cool photo album to organize and browse images and video in an easy way. You can use any standard image files and MP4 video file to import to this cool photo album. If the file is in GIF, APNG, SVG, JP2, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP format, you can use this album to import it.2. Advanced tag managementYou can tag your images and video, you can use keywords, you can categorize your images and video, you can create favorites, you can set the date and time of creation, you can set the priority, you can set the usage, you can set the visibility and lock.3. Retouch/Fix/Enhance/SuperResolution/EnhanceLighting/EnhanceVignetteYou can easily do retouch, fix, enhance, super-resolution, enhance lighting, enhance vignette, you can also preview images in 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X.4. Customizable UISuperCool Photo Album's UI is so elegant and so easy to use. It's not like other photo album apps, because you can customize the appearance and control of the whole photo album easily in the App.5. Organize and browse your image/videoSuperCool Photo Album will help you organize and browse the images and video in an easy way. You can browse images and videos from the albums you create by the albums, from the camera roll, from favorites, from the main screen, or you can search the image and video by date, name, tag, contact information or other.6. Support for Photo/Video AlbumsSuperCool Photo Album has a full functionality to support photo/video albums for both individual images and video items. You can add images, videos, tags and categories, add favorites, set the Date and time of creation, set usage, etc.7. Calendar Photos/Video 08929e5ed8

SuperCool Photo Album Keygen For (LifeTime) For PC

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